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Due to some Problems with this Web-Hoster, it can happen (or did happen already) that Files, generated with these Tools, crash the DevMode when loaded.
If that happens, please report it to me, to the below shown eMail Adress!
I strongly recommend to use Notepad++ to edit rFactor Files!
The Windows Editor or Notepad sometimes open the rFactor Files wrong formatted.

Make your choice what to do: 

Download Packages for Modders

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Chassis, Steering and Suspension

To generate a flex Chassis (Conversion rF1 to rF2), please use the above Tool with the red Button.

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   (4115 Times used)

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Please send me a mail if you find a Failure.
That gives me the Possibility to improve the Scripts. Thank you.
Contact To Report Failures, suggest Modifications or other things,
send me a mail to: chris_rf2onl|at|gmx.de

Also visit:


Engine and Powertrain

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 (63 Times used)  NEW  
For Track modding

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 (98 Times used)     

 (9 Times used)  NEW   

Edit JSON Files  (updated Scripts, match Steam rFactor 2 Build 1.1124 ID 6558068 25.April.2021)

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   All Entries    Only Entries for the Multiplayer    Only entries for AI      (348 Times used)  

  (113 Times used)  

  (81 Times used)  

 (for rFactor 1 only!)

(unfortunately incomplete)

My Tutorials:
How to create an Update of an existing Mod
How to create Wiper and other Bone based Animations
Fixed Setups
Fixed Upgrades
Add DRS Zones to a Track
Solving Corridor caused Trackproblems
And if you need Support for AIW Files, send me a Mail to the above shown eMail-Address.